Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

My poem North has been published with Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. Click on the picture and you’ll be redirected to their site.

Hybrid Florae

You left your handwriting on a restroom wall in fuchsia ink,grimy prints from blood bitten lips       Damon & Soto, quickto fashion James Dean – if he were bougainvillea and lacedhis own lungs with hybrid florae You’re as dirty as the street corner      I’m impatient,anticipating what impulsive words you’ll soil next, tripping…

Publication Update | 4

Multiple poems have been picked up by Terror House Magazine – and will be published Friday November 9th at 3pm EST @ Hypnos Dark Labour Buzzards 1995 You can read the poems now at this link courtesy of Terror House Magazine

Publication Update | 3

Four pieces of mine are soon to be published within the upcoming months…   “Capote” and“Unknown Things” – North of Oxford – TBP on November 15th   “From Your Feet” – Pamplemousse at Northern Vermont University – TBP in their next Issue (Vol. 4, No. 2)   “Fourteen Different Sighs” – Breadcrumbs Magazine in Brooklyn -TBP this December as Breadcrumb #444

Poem of the Month | October

A Darkness in Heat   See me – a pasture of dry gold, wilde howling fire, sticky in cinder and smoked with honey melted prints imprinted to my posture and when arranged right – come alive, can be dangerous, prints can become words served up in antiquated teapots and a lost dream like the eves…

Poem of the Month | May

Rubble Girl   I had written this somewhere, on a napkin I think   “I am the underground”, I say, as I am rubble, as I forget to mention that I detonate into existence to a whistle of bats, the rev of my mutation, I upgrade,   Pick myself up every day, meet my barrier,…

Black Brooklyn, Bad Baby

The cover for my upcoming book. So excited and relieved to have this chapbook completed! As of now, there is no official release date as I am currently working on submissions. However, an ebook will be available in the coming weeks. For now, you can sample some of the books poems at the following link!…

Poem of the Month | April

That Song, Like Everything, is About You   You’ve described them to me, and now I don’t know how to listen to music without knowing cock size and kinks. Maybe every song is about you, but it’s not romantic and I’m only slightly more than half interested in the story. I love you, but do…

Publication Update | 2

A poem of mine titled (de)materialize has been published by Glasgow Review of Books. Follow the link and my poem is the third/last poem on the page. If you love them poem, please share this post – or if you have an account you can reblog it on tumblr. Thanks everyone for your continued support!

Poem of the Month | March

Anamasis I fill the backstage with cobwebbed footwork, dressed like a dead end and painted for performance – I fill the backstage with a glare, I pop the top of a can of coke as a leather jacket fondles me with faded tattoos and the adhesive hands of a Brit who swears across stadiums everyone…