Adonis, The Identity 

Adonis, I call you – in every poem where you are mentioned without name. Adonis, the heartbreak. Adonis, the trapezoid. Adonis. Adonis. Full force. Sticky fingers, Adonis, judgmental jubilee emancipated by scientific opera. Adonis, the unknown. Adonis of the Vikings. Adonis, and starving, estranged, enabling entropy with phallic dust and influencing Enoch with singular gasps….

Amygdalai Lama

Time stood still somewhere inside of Sedona. Ripped up jeans and stale chicharrons plunging from your mouth as your voice box echoed ruins aside Chapel of the Holy Cross. You expected God to rip herself from the dirt and kick you in the shins, as all women – kissing you mouth to mouth so hard…

Tart Smack

I keep bubblegum wrappers with notations, your vice villanelle cherry pop and pancreas Polyjuice, an exchange of habits and horror story whores emasculated by the way you tiptoe around the side of a wet pool, avoiding splinters and slips of nipples with your bad knees    bad vibes    bad juju.


A girl once said (about you) that “D***n will sing in a way that makes me feel like he has his hand in my chest cavity gently caressing my dying heart.” This was some time last week, and I remember stopping and rereading those two short lines over and over – considering stealing part of…

Sucker Punch

I’m a sucker for lust like a sickness in itself to lick the clavicle off of your chest, tongues impaling and pretentious with your level of distorted perversion and psychosis, I envy all the atoms that get to live inside you, creatures crawling around undeserving and dictating the way in which you eat bread and…

Hollywood Mus(e)ic

It must hurt to be him. A Sun King embalmed into one, specific love. Married to the widow and jumping coasts as if all things were fine full floating feral, of all things – ferociously virile and written into the strategy of superior design,           he wanders the streets again, Only…

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

My poem North has been published with Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. Click on the picture and you’ll be redirected to their site.