Tart Smack

I keep bubblegum wrappers with notations, your vice villanelle cherry pop and pancreas Polyjuice, an exchange of habits and horror story whores emasculated by the way you tiptoe around the side of a wet pool, avoiding splinters and slips of nipples with your bad knees    bad vibes    bad juju. I’m jealousy. Full-bodied jealousy. Full-bodied and…

NAILED Magazine

re(mix) has been published by NAILED Magazine. I am so stoked to have a publication of this magnitude pick up my work. Go check it out! And share if you can.

Publication Update | 4

Multiple poems have been picked up by Terror House Magazine – and will be published Friday November 9th at 3pm EST @ terrorhousemag.com Hypnos Dark Labour Buzzards 1995 You can read the poems now at this link courtesy of Terror House Magazine

Black Brooklyn, Bad Baby

The cover for my upcoming book. So excited and relieved to have this chapbook completed! As of now, there is no official release date as I am currently working on submissions. However, an ebook will be available in the coming weeks. For now, you can sample some of the books poems at the following link!…

Poem of the Month | April

That Song, Like Everything, is About You   You’ve described them to me, and now I don’t know how to listen to music without knowing cock size and kinks. Maybe every song is about you, but it’s not romantic and I’m only slightly more than half interested in the story. I love you, but do…