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Update 10/02/2018

Current Works in Progress

Black Brooklyn, Bad Baby

Sarcasm is a kaleidoscope for this self-serving globe-hopping muse. With tacky tricks and city smarts, we trample through the ambiguous post-depressionista era and argue for the substance latched between symbolic angst and a materialized world. The poetry in Black Brooklyn, Bad Baby will reveal the catalyst for the flames of cleverness, and the irony of creative impulse.

Anticipated Release Date: Currently completed with no set release date


Kindred Folk & Paper Maps

Piper and Marin bear an age difference of nearly 17 years, sharing two of those years together in love and traveling the world. When Marin becomes critically ill and is in need of a liver transplant, Piper is inclined to help her fiancé by getting tested to see if she is a match for donation. It’s then that the pair discovers the shocking news that Marin is Piper’s long lost father. This Novella disrobes relationships and leaves it bare boned in chaos, longing, prudence, and confusion. It challenges love and morality in its most taboo form; the often evaded conversation of incest. 

Anticipated Release Date: Spring 2019


Other unidentified works are currently undergoing the strenuous artistic process. Updates will come soon.