Post and Rail

I had a dream we were strangers,
         a dream we were neighbors
partitioned by a farm,

I held my daughter and watched you
through post and rail, planting flowers –
your knees buried in the soil
         Filled with soul and sun,
sorting your grown daughters old clothes and toys
for a rummage sale     under a tree     just you
and seven men drinking wine and ale

There were berries in the air, and I lived there
as the sky pierced through your eyes and
cast a blue breeze in my direction,

You caught me and I said nothing –
my feet moved across the grass, through the white door,
and into my kitchen     I bake and I think
about wanting to touch you, something I can’t have
because you’ve never met me     but I know who you are,
I remember your crooked face and listened to every song,

I wait. I wait longer. Tapping on checkered tile.
I wait for desire to set me on fire and shove me
through nature to your door – and I planned to knock
three times with a melody of Tony Orlando,
                    I waited so long
You open the door. I don’t knock. You open the door
before my knuckles had a chance to sing. You open
the door and invite me in, drinking tea     and I tell you
that I am your neighbor and that I think it’s funny how
that happened    how strange     of all the people

You’re smiling and amused, and mumble something,
you say that you know I’m your neighbor because
you made me your neighbor     you saved that house for me –
                    You waited so long.

I don’t understand but I want to hear you say it again
but you look at me with blush and renounce my query,
you say nevermind – still I hear you again in my head,
you look away
as if your soul is shy and blooming through your mouth,

I’m here because of you. I had a dream that we
were strangers, a dream that we were neighbors,
a dream that you knew I was meant to be your lover,

you found a spot in the sun and made sure it came true.

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