If a Woman Wants to Vanish

If a woman wants to vanish                   she can
Abolish the fetish of skin, to skin, to skin
Contact                dematerialize a softened puff
That sterilizes her lips, fingernails spreading fig &
47 pages of advertisements in Vogue

3 articles         about how to make a man happy
Men                 are never happy
Women           have no chance

Every piece of clothing is black, the coffee is black, the
Leather is black, the hair is black, the models aren’t allowed to be
“Too black”, tattoos all in black, epiphanies in black and subject

to change.

There must be a goldmine down there between our thighs 
               several men have been jailed for connecting their
                               hands to their eyes… & responding with
                                               resentment when we can’t help
but reciprocate with contempt

The last time I tried to love someone, the ice cream truck
Grew fists                my heart grew weaker                nothing &
                                                                            no one
Came to warn me about being monopolized by trust, and
Hope, the vanity of holding hands                 not waking up alone

No one warned me that being in love meant being a void.

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