Poem of the Month | October

A Darkness in Heat


See me –
a pasture of dry gold, wilde howling fire,
sticky in cinder and smoked with honey

melted prints imprinted to my posture
and when arranged right – come alive,
can be dangerous, prints can become words
served up in antiquated teapots and a lost dream

like the eves of October, an eve
of ghosts in the breeze that entice resentment
regret romance reflections recollections
of twenty different people
places passions protests passings
paired mulled cider and pills
an image of every persona in the mirror

a darkness in heat, crumpled dollars

I fight the urge to bring you back
and spin myself into a grave
or search the spinning globe for permanence

See me –
sick with lust, and lamenting myself into an implosion
of burning belligerent fire

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