Featured Poem | October

Disturb the Universe

i disturb the universe
with mouths that martyr; sunken,
sullen, carbonated crowns
too heavy to carry me to temple

i spy, with my wandering eye, wicked
my lovers first plague
my Sumerian womb
draped like an apron        and the dumb wonder
who divorced the globe and tapped their tongue
to the itching voice of hunger plucking persons
to mature their multiplicity in the sky

                do you taste a nova now?
someone’s brain trapped in an art piece like a
cranberry cough-lozenge liberating
the parietal lobe,

stalked of ferns and wildfire,
full of October time that shifts
like gravity with precision and
scatters your breastbone like matter

i don’t dare to date the age i recognize,

i dare, to get lost and let my heartbone break
and be put into song and translated to canvas,

i disturb the universe, but who
has disrupted my history?

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